I always had a vision for a women’s resource center. a place that encompasses all the needs a woman could possibly have – a really big vision! My desire was to get back to my vision but how could I accomplish this vision in my business? I thought I had to work hard enough to be able to purchase the location and hire the staff and become a non-profit (and this list goes on….)

Well… I spoke with Denise Roseland… one conversation changed everything! She asked one question that totally changed my life. “Why can’t you just begin by helping one woman at a time?” OMG…such a simple question… but one I had never considered before!

Why can’t I focus my financial services business on women and help them be more educated and confident about their financial health? That very weekend I created WHOW, created a website and changed the focus of my business. It started with a dream, then a focus, website, vision, a ladies night out once per month and my business grew by 427%.

Michelle D
Agent, New York Life Insurance Agent

One of Denise’s superpowers…she is wicked smart with a great sense of humor and a personable nature.

Debra W
Higher education administrator

Denise is a genuine person who has a bright mind and bright soul. She is able to see the big picture – can evaluate, assess and provide meaningful feedback that is valuable.

Education administrator

She is bright, forward thinking and creative.

Gail P

Denise was able to ascertain our needs and plan the work to respond to our needs. She was not afraid to push my staff to help them grow related to the use of data. She understood where my staff was coming from and she related to them from that place.

Deanne D
K-12 Administrator

She’s smart, insightful, and straightforward and trustworthy with a very nice (and irreverent) sense of humor.

Marta M
Higher education administrator

Denise helped me see I needed to slow down, re-focus and work toward building the right plan to grow my business. I have always tried to wear too many hats and please too many people. That didn’t make me successful, it just made me a mess! She helped me get grounded again to be a better me. Thank you!”

Artist + Jewelry designer

She is very astute in knowing her clients and how to best support their work.

Marlys B
State agency administrator

Denise is one of the most talented and skilled people I have ever worked with in my 40-year career in public education at the state, regional, and national levels.

Barbara B
State education administrator

The best part about working with Denise… she has worked with me on really challenging projects and her knowledge and her personality made what could have been a tough process both enjoyable and successful.

Margie E
Nonprofit executive director

The most impactful part of working with Denise…she had a sense of humor, knew how to help us get better at using data, and is pleasant to work with.

Wendie P
K-12 education administrator

Denise has a way of foreseeing the future when she’s working towards policy change. Her predictions were right on the money for us.

Sara L
Higher education administrator

The best thing about working with Denise…her consummate professionalism. Her sense of humor. Her depth of knowledge. Her willingness to work hard to assure her client’s success.

Frances L
Higher education administrator

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