Do you remember the original dream that inspired your business?

Freedom. Success.

Abundance + Making a Difference in the World

You were truly wired a bit differently from the start. You wanted to run a business that was about making a difference [in people’s lives, in your community, in the world] – AND make a great living from doing it.

You imagined deeply affecting people, serving many individuals with your rock star skills, amazing product, or powerful message…

You imagined doing only the things you LOVED and which allowed you the freedom to live and work in alignment with your desires…

While watching your business and your bank account grow.

Perhaps, lately, that dream feels so far out of reach.

Instead, you look around, feeling frustrated, because it looks like everyone else has it figured out and you are still struggling.

Or you quietly admit to yourself that your business isn’t exactly working but you have no idea what to do or how to improve it.

And make a difference in the world?!? Ha! You are too freakin’ exhausted and overworked to do anything to heal the world because you are trapped in the day-to-day of your business to just keep it going.

Or you’ve convinced yourself that you don’t have time to be the hero.

No matter how hard you work, you aren’t making progress (and maybe you’re a little sick of worrying about money?).

Or maybe business is good but you have a nagging feeling that you should be doing more to grow your cause.

And it’s quite possible that you wonder what the point is of work-work-working so hard when your heart and spirit feels dim-dull-dead.

[Big, exhausted sigh here.]

Perhaps it's time to hit the reset button.

Hi! I’m Denise Roseland, the founder and CEO of ChangeMaker Consulting. In my work as a business strategist for women entrepreneurs on a mission I have heard this same story too often. It doesn’t have to be this way. How do I know? Well, I’m not afraid to admit I struggled with the same issues until I decided to hit the reset button in my business.

I know the dream you had when you started your business because it was my dream, and it is the dream so many women business owners have when they start.

I also know that no matter how distant that dream seems now, it is completely possible. But some things need to shift. We both know that.

And I believe that this is absolutely critical: If the above resonates for you, then you cannot just stick with how things have been anymore.

It's time to really re-imagine your business.

It’s time to recreate it to be what you’ve been dreaming of from the start…the business you love. Why? Because that is how you will share your greatest gifts with the world.

Friends and clients say I’m a delightful mix of woo-woo-loving do-gooder and wickedly smart business strategist. I’ve spent more than 20 years helping nonprofits, government agencies and socially-minded companies get smarter about running their organizations so they can make a bigger impact in the world.

That experience has taught me a lot about the recipe for creating a truly transformative ChangeMaking business. The recipe must have:

♥ A big dreaming, heart-centered leader

♥ The use of simple + solid strategy done consistently

♥ The harmonious integration of strategy + soul.

Well… Get your cape ready, Wonder Woman.
It’s time to step up and lead your biz with strategy + soul.

The Reinvention Roadmap

This brand new month-long sisterhood experience is designed to show you how to start rockin' your empire with strategy + soul. After more than 20 years helping nonprofits, government agencies and socially-minded companies get smarter about running their organizations I want to introduce you to a proven recipe for creating a ChangeMaking biz powered with smarts + heart.

Before I dive into the details, let me tell you why I know your dream is closer than you think. You have a “why.” You probably know who you are called to serve and you definitely want to make a difference.

The best part? Businesses with a rock-solid ‘why’ (beyond profit) have a proven edge over their peers. They have a stronger brand identity, super loyal customers, more raving fans, highly engaged communities, and a distinct competitive advantage (that is not driven by price).

This kind of business for profit + good should not be reserved for big retail or service giants. Any of us solopreneurs can identify a cause or issue we believe in and weave it into our overall business strategy.

If this is what you believe too, then it’s time to reinvent your business so that it can play out that dual purpose.

What if there was a reinvention roadmap that helped you plot a NEW ROUTE to your business success that included service to a cause? A map led you through four simple turns…

Stop 1

Be SheEO of You

Time to really step up and claim the SheEO Success Suite. When you learn proven ways to BE successful on your own terms, your biz will soar and the impact you have in the world will multiply.

Stop 2

Simple Strategy

We're tearing down the mysterious curtain around business strategy and having fun. Once you've reimagined those big dreams for your biz, you'll develop a custom roadmap of simple strategies to get there and a plan to do it consistently.

Stop 3

Measure + matter

One cardinal rule in biz is to start where you are and build. Once you create a roadmap to get to your big dream + design simple strategies to get there, how will you know you're getting there? At this stop, we will talk about tracking simple information and celebrating progress.

Stop 4

Foster Resilience

Sh*t happens. And it can derail us. Big time. To make sure your superhero cape stays on, it's time to devise a plan and learn strategies to stay excited and inspired, all the way through to the completion of your big vision.

Real Talk: Once you understand how to reinvent your biz fueled by strategy + soul, you’ll see progress towards that big-hearted dream you once had accelerate.

The SheEO Reinvention Roadmap was created to...

...Inspire and support you to step up and be the SheEO of your own empire, to show leadership in your words and your actions, to claim your biz and give it real vision and momentum.

...Show you how to create and prosper instead of struggle and merely survive. You know, a map that helps you get crystal clear about your ideal customer, gives you the strategy it takes to reach your revenue goals, helps you build a loyal tribe with your marketing, and focuses your genius on soulful strategy and service that brings you profit.

...Equip you with an action plan, a mix of strategies right for you + the confidence you need to flourish even in uncertainty. No cookie-cutter formulas or trendy gimmicks.

Heard promises like this before? Feeling a bit skeptical at this point? I understand…there are a lot of quick-fixes offered the entrepreneurial coaching space. I can promise you this: There is no magic pill to go from here to 6-figure stardom. Or to suddenly become a world-renowned philanthropist.

But I can guarantee this: The path that got you to where you are at this moment is not going to get you to the business you dream of. You cannot just do more of what you’ve done so far. The current design of your business is already supporting all it can.

So if you are truly serious about creating a soulful business that rocks profits + does good in the world, it’s time to hit reset.

The Backstory of SheEO Reinvention Roadmap...

When my business was strained, I knew something needed to change but I didn’t know how to do it.

Okay. Breath in. Breath out. There’s no shame in admitting you don’t know how to do something.

I attended countless webinars, scoured copious eBooks, paid high-price coaches, got an unnecessary PhD, and kept myself buried in my bursting-at-the-seams inbox that was stuffed full of promises and how-to’s.

My revenue in my first year of business was dismal and had me working with clients that drove me to comfort myself with food [to the tune of a 30-pound weight gain].

In year 2, I did more of the same. And guess what? My revenue was barely more than year 1 and I had a few more clients that treated me like a doormat.

I hit rock bottom. I was out of money. My relationship crashed and burned. I was in massive debt. But I would not give up. I faced the truth. I needed help. It was time to hit reset, to do something different…starting with ME.

I dug deep. Admitted all kinds of ugly truths about what wasn’t working. And I found an amazing mentor.

That third year, I broke up with clients that were not ideal. I kept working the suggestions my mentor gave me. Over and over and over. I landed new clients I proudly call friends now. I received prestigious recognition for service to an amazing ChangeMaking organization. I woke up excited about work. And I grew my revenue by 400%.

So when I say I can help you recharge your creative superpowers, revamp your business strategy, and define and integrate a sustainable cause strategy into your biz, it’s because I’ve done it for myself and my biz. And I’ve done it for executives of ChangeMaking organizations countless times.

The SheEO Reinvention Roadmap is a bit like a summer road trip but without the endless search for Hawaii in the license plate game and sunburn only on the arm that was hanging out the car window. This trip is exciting, the route is clearly marked by your experienced personal guide, and the destination is within your sights: your big, bold business dreams.

So what is the SheEO Reinvention Roadmap?

4-weeks of audio or video lessons delivered to your inbox weekly

loaded with proven strategies and tool to help you redesign your dream empire, rock a more profitable biz, define and integrate cause strategy, and cultivate resilience for the storms that pop up

The SheEO Reinvention Power Packs

You’ll receive a gorgeous weekly collection of downloadable worksheets, guides and tools to help you get clear, get moving, and pursue that big dream. We're talking a library rich with resources, templates, and tools so you can practice what we learn and craft your reinvention plan and use them again and again as you make your way to new destinations.

Mindset mojo Boosters

Delivered to your inbox several times during the program, these guided meditations and bonus audios help you shake off those pesky cases of 'not-good-enoughs' and 'maybe-somedays' that can plague women entrepreneurs.

Instead, these jewels fire you up for the here-and-now and fan the flames of your SheEO SuperPowers.

Weekly calls with me and other guest ChangeMaking SheEOs

Ask anything. Talk through your challenges. Ask for support. These calls provide some often-needed accountability AND will help you build a support network of other SheEOs on this road too.

Every call is focused on the unique needs and questions of the group.

A pass to the private ChangeMaking SheEO Facebook community

This is where you and your fellow SheEOs can let your hair down, share ideas, and swap stories and support.

I’ll be popping in as well to answer questions, issue some challenges (and give away cool prizes), and generally shake my pom poms. Some of our expert guests will drop in for live chats as well!

One of Denise’s super-powers is her ability to support and engender confidence in others to face their fears and pre-conceptions and move through them to embrace and create real change."

Barbara Bitters
state education administrator
Week 1: Being the SheEO of You

It's time to get intentional about the SheEO you want to be and the biz you want to lead.

We're taking on the blind spots that have kept you stuck, we're shining a light on the dark corners of your SheEO mindset, and we're moving to higher alitutude habits of a ChangeMaking SheEO.

Week 2: Blueprinting Biz Strategy to the Big Dream

This week is all about setting simple strategy in place to accomplish those big dreams. We're focusing on WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and WHAT order it makes sense. This is where the rubber starts to meet the road on this trip.

Maybe you’ve been a bit uneasy with the idea of strategy. This week, we'll explore many flavors of strategy:

  • revenue strategy (what you earn and how you price what you offer)
  • connect/gather strategy (how you connect and stay in touch with potential customers)
  • content strategy (what you produce to connect with and educate your tribe)
  • sales/delivery strategy (how does a customer get what you offer?)
  • marketing strategy (how you promote what you offer, build your brand)

We don't do a deep-dive into every strategy you see here. We'll focus on undestanding how they play together and you'll have tools to dig into the one(s) that make the most sense for your specific needs.

Week 3: Weaving Strategy + Soul Together

We'll continue exploring the different kinds of strategy we began during Week 2 and now, we'll weave in Cause Strategy - the way in which a SheEO adds service to others or the world into the way she does business.

Think profits + purpose. Sales + service to society. You'll end the week with a rock solid plan to start acting on your passion to do good beyond the products you sell or the services you offer for sale.

Week 4: Cultivating Resilience

Yep. We all crash sometimes. Successful SheEOs bounce back and continue the pursuit of their dreams quicker. It's not because they toughen up and brush the setbacks under the rug. It's because a SheEO learns to rely on a set of strategies to fan the flames and has learned to cultivate an intentional culture in her biz that nourishes, nurtures, and inspires her.

We wrap up this week with a beautiful plan for building powerful and intentional care for the SheEO into the pursuit of success.

So, my lovely big-dreaming, heart-centered, biz-growing SheEO…isn’t it time?

...Time for you to set aside the feelings of frustration and fatigue and create the biz that truly allows you to rock your impact in big way?

...Time for you to embrace a new paradigm that calls on you to step more fully into your role as a ChangeMaker so that you live out your highest purpose?

...Time for you to work boldly, playfully, and successfully?

...Time for you to take the reins and cultivate peace, prosperity and resilience in your work?

That biz you originally dreamed of is still there.

She is calling you. Will you answer with a YES?

The next group of amazing lady changemakers begins October 1, 2015.

SheEOs are great at deciding. So, I love to reward decisions.

When you register to come along on the SheEO Reinvention Roadmap

by certain dates, I'm offering a few bonus gifts. The quicker the

decision, the more gifts you receive.

Bonus Gift #1: Bring-a-friend-for-free

If you sign up before 11 pm Pacific on September 18, you + your biz BFF can both

take the roadtrip together for the price of You.

And BONUS Gift #2:

For everyone who registers by 11 pm Pacific on September 25, you will get a bonus 30-minute beautiful brains, heart-to-heart strategy session with me during the adventure. You + Me focused on your unique opportunities and road blocks.

I am here to support you to step up and reclaim that original dream for your business. I am committed to helping you reinvent your biz so that you make a bigger difference and make more money. I believe to the core of my being that women hold the key to transforming our world. But sadly, too many of us are waiting to step up, jump in, and rock our impact. I believe that when you accept the responsibility of working in a way that shows others who you are and what you believe in, the world will change for the better. Let’s do it together.

XOXO, Denise

P.S. If you got this far on the page and you are still not sure this is right for you, click here to schedule a call with me so we can get your questions answered, get your business on a new road, and get you into the SheEO success suite.

You are the SheEO of your Business
and you are ready to lead it with strategy + soul.
I know it.

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