Our Clients

ChangeMaker Consulting helps foundations, nonprofits, corporations, school systems, and governmental organizations achieve greater social impact. Translation = we help organizations create change.


Our Services

We work our magic in four key areas:

  • Planning and strategy – ChangeMaker Consulting helps clients devise clear goals and implement effective strategies to realize them.  In addition, we work closely with clients to develop plans that build off strategy to create measurable impact.
  • Evaluation – We create and carry out tailored program evaluations using a variety of evaluation strategies to support our clients in deepening their understanding of program effectiveness, to increase program impact, to improve their ability to manage resources, and to enhance and focus communication with key stakeholders.
  • Organizational learning and change – We lend a hand to our clients as they work to transform themselves to achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness through high-quality review and analysis of ideas, data, and stories that routinely inform strategy development and implementation.
  • Coaching, Technical Assistance and Capacity-Building – ChangeMaker Consulting recognizes that our clients’ staff members have many responsibilities. We help organizations navigate the complexity of program decision-making and management by supporting them, through coaching and technical assistance, to embed data, information and evaluation into their work in order to produce strong results.


Our Values

Collaboration – We thrive on a deep level of engagement and interaction among our consulting staff as well as with our clients and their stakeholders.

Balance – Because we love and value our work, we also have created a workplace where we implement policies and practices that value the health, happiness, and ingenuity of our employees, our partners and our clients.

Integrity – We strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in our field, and work every day to ensure that we support our clients in achieving meaningful social impact.

Diversity – Our team hails from a wide range of personal, professional and academic backgrounds and have all worked extensively with programs and communities working with racial/ethnic diversity, sexual orientation/gender diversity, and linguistic diversity.


Our Team

Our primary office is located in sunny Fresno, California and we have talented team members based in Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston and SE Wisconsin.  We also have a large network of collaborators with whom we partner to deliver the best services to meet clients’ needs.

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