About Denise

I work with the Makers…healers, creatives, mompreneurs, gentle-hearted rebel rousers and truth tellers!

You know. ChangeMakers.

I’m Denise Roseland and this is our gang.

Join us! With business as our playground, we stir up all kinds of beautiful genius that makes the world [and business] a better place.

You’ll know us when you see us. How? Because ChangeMakers make their own rules and they are ready to break the system, for good of course.

Around here, we live by these 7 6 rules:

  1. We don’t believe in business as usual. The way business has always been done…Ha! Not us.
  2. We are ready to grow our business + feed our soul
  3. We build a biz + a life we are proud of
  4. We are motivated by profit + karma
  5. We trust the numbers + our intuition
  6. We are fierce + purposeful
  7. We are equally comfortable in flip-flops, Danskos + sexy sling-backs
  8. [okay…that’s not really a rule to live by but certainly a preference many of us share]

You’ve made it this far, so you are obviously one of us!

Join the Club [+ declare your allegiance with the SheEO Manifesta poster]


Let’s start with credentials…

I’m a former middle and high school teacher that taught kids the ins and outs of entrepreneurship + business. I could teach it because I did it…I’m a serial entrepreneur that started my first business at the age of 23.

I’m a total policy geek. I’ve been a state education administrator in two states and earned my PhD in educational policy and administration with an emphasis in program evaluation. Finding useful + compelling information from mountains of boring data is one of my super-powers. I know…you kinda want to roll your eyes at the thought of that.

Juicy details

I’m a Capricorn only child who grew up in Wisconsin + called Minnesota home for more than 2 decades. A few years ago in the ultimate personal change endeavor, I moved to sunny central California. I live with my oh-so-awesome science teacher sweetie, my sweetie’s two lovely daughters, a dog, three cats, two geckos, and a cockatiel. The cockatiel is jealous that the dog gets to come to the office. Those of you with young children surely know what it’s like to wake up one day + wonder how the heck you ended up with so many pets.

I recharge my battery by getting outside. I love the mountains and the coast. Lucky for me…I live directly between the two now + can enjoy both often. It was a chronic challenge when I was living in the Midwest. And I dance at my desk, in my kitchen everywhere. It is terrifying to my sweetie’s oldest when I’m shaking my groove thing at the grocery store.

I aspire to be a skillful organic gardener someday. I’m building my skill by trying to keep a orange tree, a meyer lemon tree, two one Asian pear tree, and some rosemary alive. Don’t laugh. Every other month, we are having a memorial service for the basil I have lost. Clearly, I did not get my mom’s green thumb.

I’m here to:

  • DO GOOD.

So are you ready to step up and dive in? I’m here to provide equal doses of strategy, inspiration, + accountability. Let’s rock your impact.


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